Ecommerce translation

Language isn’t a roadblock; it’s a gateway to new possibilities. Human translation improves traffic and conversion rates, but most businesses are unable to do it on a large scale. 20,000+ translators labor at Key’s Metaphrase at the same time to deliver high-volume ecommerce content in any language.

Take a look at our many content types.

Translation of product descriptions

Consumers are 75% more likely to buy a product if it is written in their native language.1 Product descriptions are the lifeblood of ecommerce because of their high volume and significance. Key’s Metaphrase powerful system can manage millions of words every week, allowing you to expand your business internationally quickly.

*1 Kissmetrics Blog; 5 Simple Steps to Increase International Audience Conversions

Translation of customer service

Customer support emails, FAQs, and self-serve help documentation can be translated to save up to 50% on support expenditures. Build a world-class support team with the correct translation technology integrated into your system to keep clients satisfied from all over the world.

Translation of user reviews

User-generated content is trusted 12 times more than company-created content, making it some of your website’s most powerful content.
*2 With user opinions translated by real people, you can earn customer trust, useful information, and business credibility.

*2 The Connected Economy, Bazaarvoice.

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