Software translation services

The continuously changing IT industry necessitates high-quality translation and localization services to assist businesses in communicating their message to international markets. Key Metaphrase is trusted by some of the world’s biggest technology firms because of its demonstrated competence in advanced technology localization and translation services. We recognize that addressing international demand for your products across all devices and in numerous languages is critical to your growth and success.

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Translation of documentation

Consistency, precise language, and technical accuracy are important objectives for our team of expert translators when translating technical content.

Translation of customer service

Do you have foreign clients? There’s no need to recruit multilingual support agents because Key Metaphrase’s cost-effective and scalable translation in over 70 language pairs enables your customer service staff to respond to customer enquiries and provide customer support material in the languages spoken by your users.

Translation of websites and apps

Our skilled translators have extensive experience translating highly technical text for your company’s website, mobile application, and project management and e-learning system user interfaces and software interfaces.

Translation of AI training

We provide technical documentation translation services for custom datasets used in AI training. Over 20,000 certified translators worldwide can offer essential training data, process existing data, perform system testing, and validate outcomes for a variety of sectors of application.

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