Travel, Leisure & Hospitality Translation

We are trusted by the world’s most reputable travel websites. People only book vacations with companies they know and trust, which starts with communication. See how Key’s Metaphrase clients use our scalable human-translation platform to develop confidence in new markets.

Take a look at our many content types.

Translation of a travel itinerary

While remaining faithful to your worldwide brand, appeal to the particular travel preferences of multilingual customers. Customers throughout the world trust and convert more when they see localized travel listings.

Translation of a location guide

It’s critical to give this high-volume, communicating material a human voice because it contains extensive maps, transportation information, and lists of major tourist attractions.

Translation of user reviews

Consumers claim review sites have the largest influence on their booking selections, according to 59 percent of respondents.*1 Multilingual user comments can enhance business and translation ROI.

*1 Travel Consumer 2015, Deloitte

Translation of messages between the host and the visitor

Excellent customer service necessitates effective communication with customers. Differentiating your service from the competition by facilitating multilingual dialogues between hosts and visitors.

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