Legal Translation

The legal profession is based on meticulous attention to detail. Modern legal translation services must deal with a variety of languages, thousands of documents, and a variety of factors such as site restrictions and tight filing deadlines.
For legal localization services, Key Metaphrase is a reliable partner. Our comprehensive legal solutions can be tailored to your individual demands and challenges in a variety of challenging legal matters. Expert translators will provide you with timely and accurate legal documents in a variety of fields.

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Translation of the Terms and Conditions

Terms of service are legal contracts that spell out the terms of your company, service, or promotional offer. Our expert translators always take the highest care and diligence for each client, with potentially severe repercussions for your business and clientele if translated wrong.

Translation of contracts

We provide certified contract and legal agreement translations that are accepted by courts and government authorities all around the world. We can also interpret legal documents and contracts for businesses, law firms, and private individuals.

Translation of service agreements

A contract between two people or firms in which one agrees to offer a specific service, as well as a description of the services to be delivered, frequency, prices, delivery date, and schedule. When dealing on a worldwide scale, these types of legal documents must be translated to guarantee that all parties are on the same page.

Translation of trademarks and copyrights

With our professional legal translation services and highly qualified professionals, we can help you secure, protect, and enforce copyrights and trademarks with greater ease and efficiency.

Permits and licenses for translating

Driving license translations for foreign driving license applications are available in any of our 70+ language pairs.

Translation of patents

We handle patent applications, office actions, and court filings.

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