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The gaming market continues to grow, with 2.2 billion gamers worldwide producing $108.9 billion in game revenue in 2017—an increase of $7.8 billion, or 7.8%, over the previous year. While your smartphone or video game may be available all over the world, it may not be ready for it. Because your mobile or video game’s global appeal means that the next person to download or buy it could be anywhere in the world, localization for key market groups is critical for global growth. You can optimize your apps and games for a fantastic user experience in over 300 languages by using our mobile app and video game translation services.

Take a look at our Mobile App and Game Translation Services.

Dialogue Translation in Video Games

Key Metaphrase boasts a community of game testers and seasoned translators who have extensive expertise translating video game dialogue. With linguistics as a specialist, our translators examine your game speech for semantic meaning, tone, and artistic writing.

Translation of in-game menus, buttons, and tutorials

When it comes to game creation, our Video Game Localization Team recognizes that the user experience is just as vital as perfect grammar for developers. Our translators can translate your in-game menus, overlays, and tutorials so that your users may enjoy the greatest possible gaming experience in their own language.

String translation for mobile apps

Your mobile app should be able to handle text, audio files, numbers, money, and images in manners that are appropriate for the countries in which it is utilized. During an operation, the app uses the app strings to show user interface components and information to the user.

Translation of a mobile app description

App descriptions—a product definition suited for the app store—can drive a lot of organic traffic and downloads to your mobile app. While there are many factors that might influence the success of your app, the app description is likely the most significant.

Translation of SEO content

Localization for SEO content can help your smartphone or video game relate to an area by leveraging the language, terms, and habits of a specific region’s audience. Use the vocabulary and language of your target audience to better reach your global audience, rather than selecting a generic search term in the hopes that it would be used internationally.

Translation of marketing and advertising

Your mobile or video game’s marketing and advertising efforts raise brand knowledge and recognition in a certain region or around the world. It’s vital to understand and incorporate linguistic and cultural subtleties for an international audience to avoid embarrassing or potentially unpleasant communications.

Translation of user reviews

Learning what other people thought of a product by reading reviews is a crucial stage in the purchasing process for gamers and mobile users. Users are increasingly viewing user reviews (as opposed to those written by experts or critics) as more genuine and trustworthy, leading them to make purchases more frequently.

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