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Proofreading and editing
You can purchase proofreading or editing from key meta in addition to the translation services we provide. A second translator polishes the source text after it has been translated. But what exactly is the distinction between proofreading and editing?

Proofreading entails studying a text’s formal qualities. This entails not just fixing general grammar faults such uncomfortable syntax or errors with singular and plural forms as well as tenses, but also double-checking the content’s accuracy. These quality-control procedures increase overall readability and ensure that the target material is more effective and understandable for the reader. For professional translations given by key meta in accordance with ISO 17100, proofreading is automatically included in the pricing.


In addition to the areas covered by proofreading, other crucial qualities are verified when altering a manuscript. This entails paying attention to the writing style – whether it is common in the business or appropriate for the target audience – and optimizing the text accordingly. A text for a legal firm, for example, should be objective and reserved, whereas a marketing copy should be more expressive.

In addition, the entire text is reviewed for consistency in the usage of specialized language (e.g. by comparing it with a glossary). Another key component of editing is the final check; at this point, the material is checked to catch any content flaws and to ensure that it is written clearly and logically as a whole (i.e. it has a “common thread”).

An overview of the important meta-evaluation criteria for modifying translations:

• Completeness

• Content correctness (exact depiction of the meaning of the source text)

• The target text’s readability (syntax, punctuation)

• The target text’s style, tone, and register (pragmatics)

• Specialist vocabularies, terminologies, and idioms (semantics)

• Briefing (including the client’s unique needs)

Only a native speaker can really master all idiomatic idioms, turns of phrase, and cultural or country-specific information, ensuring the required degree of excellence. With its improved readability, a corrected translation increases the quality of a document and eliminates the potential of error. You’ve already taken the first step toward increasing the quality of your paper by deciding to have it professionally edited.

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