1.You place your order on our easy-to-use website, selecting the appropriate package for your needs.
We provide a variety of packages, ranging from bespoke to selective.

2.Once we’ve received your order, we’ll double-check that you’ve chosen the correct languages and service level.

3.An Experienced Translator Will Handle Your Order

We will assign the most applicable translator to your project once you have provided the text for translation with information of the account you have registered and verified with us. This ensures that we will achieve your project schedule and quality criteria. All translators at Key Meta go through a rigorous selection procedure, and their work is constantly evaluated to ensure that it meets the highest quality requirements.

4.We carry out a quality control inspection.

Our project managers will oversee your project from beginning to end, ensuring that it runs smoothly. Our portal also allows you to contact directly with your translators, allowing you to clarify any points and provide answers. You can have one of our skilled proofreaders double-check the translator’s work for further piece of mind. Once you’ve finished the assignment, you may rate it to help us collect comments and enhance the quality of our translation pool.

5.Your translations are returned to you within a few hours.

The usual turnaround time for most jobs is 24 hours, and you’ll be given an approximate delivery time when you submit your translation on the platform.

When placing your order, you can even select a deadline. For urgent jobs, you can email or call us to request a rush order, which means your project will be given top priority, and you will be given a quote and a timeframe before completing the transaction.

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